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Frustrated with project teams' inability to deliver?

Trouble getting beyond the planning phase? 

Burdened by cumbersome processes your team is expected to improve?

Customers frustrated with your teams' service delivery, or lack of perceived value?

Client ExperiencE - Customer Support CeNter - financial

David Henderson | Global Leader, Customer Contact Center | FIS

I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen  during a direct engagement to redesign our approach on hiring, retention, engagement and organizational change management at WorldPay. Colleen was able to go deep, win trust and drive engagement from our people to gain amazing insight on current state. She brings a wealth of expertise in organizational change management, deep operational knowledge, strategic thinking and planning. Her expertise provided a strong foundation eliminating weeks of discovery.


Colleen has the innate ability to quickly go deep,  with the ability to meet an individual where they need to be met, no matter the position or status. I would not hesitate to offer a recommendation for any role where you want a customer-focused strategic thinker that can execute change on many levels.


Client Experience - healthcare

Dennis Hagemann | Healthcare Consultant & Negotiator

While at Primera Blue Cross, I worked with Colleen on several projects impacting  our Provider Network; and all were  seen through to completion with considerable effort and diligence. Her work was detailed, thorough, and timely and she made findings and recommendations both useful and effective. 

Her style was one of appropriate persistence, collaborative, and friendly while driven by the task at hand and with a clear picture of  end results. It was a pleasure working with Colleen and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again!


Client Experience - government/public sector

Tina Janni, M.Ed., Organizational Development Consultant | Leadership Coach | Certified Dare to Lead

Colleen is a highly skilled leader offering both breadth and depth of expertise across several functional areas. While I was serving as the change lead at the City of Seattle, I had the opportunity to work alongside her on a complex citywide initiative with multiple stakeholders, shifting priorities, and competing agendas.  Her leadership acumen and strengths in strategic planning, constructive collaboration, operational efficacy and change management were indispensable in moving a contentious project forward. 

Colleen’s commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience is grounded in her ability to both give and receive candid feedback that focuses on project deliverables and win/win outcomes, not ego or image.  She effectively navigated internal politics and diverse communication styles while providing the expertise and technical skills needed to execute on a multi-year project with citywide impact.  Operating in a low trust, high stakes environment, she consistently demonstrated the ability to maintain her professional composure, exuding a calm demeanor and grounded curiosity while maintaining the focus on identifying solutions and effectively moving discussions forward. 

Colleen’s ability to leverage informal influence when working within leadership teams stems from her capabilities as an authentic and experienced leader: she is generous in sharing knowledge and tools, inspires confidence in her ability to execute, is tenacious in delivering results, and laughs easily with everyone she comes in contact with, regardless of their rank or role.  I greatly value the opportunity I had to collaborate with Colleen, learned a great deal from her as a colleague, and came away from the experience with a friend. 


Client Experience - Non Profit

Yoko Shimomura | Chief Operating Officer | Washington STEM

Colleen's superpower is her ability to be a strategic thinker with strong tactical execution.  I've witnessed her align various stakeholders on complex projects on behalf of operational efficiency while at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Colleen's experience in diverse sectors has given her a unique perspective and allowed her to offer invaluable skills to her clients.


Client Experience - multiple industries

Tyler Parris | Strategic Adviser, coach, author | Chief of Staff expert

Colleen has been an invaluable business partner and member of my "personal board of directors" from the time we met, to her contributions to my chief of staff book, and the most recent workshop she facilitated for my Chief of Staff learning cohort.  

As a COO-caliber practitioner and consultant, she has helped organizations accomplish big goals through thinking strategically and systemically, planning, and executing strategic objectives; agile coaching and insightful application of lean methodology; cross-group collaboration from enterprise-size teams to small and midsize organizations; thoughtful stakeholder engagement; and a relentless customer focus through which she sets and checks in on expectations throughout projects and programs. 

My business is tangibly better because of Colleen's contributions.  I'd strongly recommend Colleen and would qualify her as a leader I was fortunate enough to work alongside and smart enough to learn from.


Client Experience - government/public sector

Benjamin de la Pena | Director, Innovation & Product Incubation | Seattle Dept of Transportation (S

Colleen trained and led our team in learning Scrum and Agile methodologies. and was outstanding. High energy and always putting the needs of our team first.  She helped us understand and put into practice the principles of Agile, Design Thinking, and continuous improvement.  She was always easy to talk to, highly encouraging, and clearly practices servant leadership.